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Best Zero Gravity Chairs in 2022

Zero gravity, or “ZG” chairs, can help boost your circulation, reenergize, and heal. If you're looking for a fully-reclining chair that offers substantial benefits for your health and overall quality of life, a zero gravity recliner is a great choice.

The best zero gravity chairs of 2022 mix a little of everything:

  • High-end features
  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Health benefits
  • ... and more

Before we go in-depth with three chairs that made our top list, let's learn more about these chairs, their benefits and what to look for when buying your first one.

What is a Zero Gravity Chair?

A ZG chair is a recliner that allows you to suspend your body so that it's in a neutral position with your feet positioned above your heart. Whether you're sleeping in a ZG chair or just relaxing, you'll benefit in many ways, including:

  • Spinal pressure relief
  • Relaxation
  • Improved breathing and blood flow
  • Much more!

What to Consider When Choosing a Chair

There are a few things to consider when purchasing your chair, and ZG chair costs differ because of a chair's unique features. However, before considering specific chair characteristics, you need to know what basics to look for:

Weight Capacity

What weight capacity do you need for your chair? Most models can accommodate people up to 300 pounds, but some high-end models go up to 400 pounds.

Room Size

When fully reclined, what is the size of the chair? Smaller rooms may not have enough space to accommodate a true zero gravity chair. Chairs can be 45" in length and about 36" in height. Another thing that many people may not realize is that many ZG chairs require a considerable amount of rear clearance in order to fully recline, meaning that they will need to placed as much as 19” from the wall if you want to recline without moving the chair each time you do. Look for a chair that can pivot during it’s recline function, minimizing this clearance issue.


Some models are made with metal, and premium chairs are often made with wood. In terms of material, leather is a top-end option, while lower-end chairs may use other fabric materials. If this is a chair you plan to spend a considerable amount of time in, possibly even for sleeping or napping, consider the comfort of the upholstery used for the seat and backrest areas.

Ease of use

This chair will be a place to unwind and relax, and should require minimal effort to do so. Easy-to-use controls that don’t get lost in the pads or underneath the chair itself make it simple to enjoy the benefits of the chair at a push of an accessible button. You should also consider a power-operated chair as opposed to a manual recline. Think of a plastic patio chair that clicks into a reclined or upright position, or one where you need to lean back aggressively to actually recline the chair… no one wants that!

Your unique goals and needs will help you narrow down your ZG chair choices. When you finally have the points above outlined, you'll want to look at the unique features a chair may offer. For example, some models include heat stones that can ease tension and pain while also allowing for greater relaxation.

Other models have features that aim to optimize your seating position for even more comfort.

If you need more lumbar support, you'll want to look for a model that offers a support system. Of course, premium features will cost more, but they're worth the expense for the added comfort.

Zero Gravity Chair Benefits

If you're buying the best ZG chair in 2022, you need to know how it benefits you. The key benefits of choosing one of these chairs include:

Tension relief

Reclining into zero gravity means that you alleviate pressure on your muscles and joints. You'll feel the tension melt away when sitting in your chair.

Pain relief

If you're experiencing neck or back pain, these are the right chairs for you. Pressure is taken off of the spine when in ZG so that you can enjoy pain relief and promote healing.

Energizing effect

Zero gravity boosts circulation and blood flow. When your circulation improves, you'll feel energized and start the day off with vigor.

Swelling relief

If you have excess fluid buildup, ZG can help reduce the swelling in key areas of the body, such as your ankles, feet and legs. You'll help move fluid around the body so that your swelling subsides.

Digestion improvement

Do you want to sit down and watch a movie after you eat but know that acid reflux will come to ruin the day? Sitting in ZG will keep your body positioned to keep everything relaxed and flowing properly, allowing you to stress less about digestion issues.

Improved breathing

Laying back on a pillow often moves you into an unnatural position. In fact, the soft tissue in your throat will often start to fall down, causing you to snore and block your airways. Zero gravity puts you into a natural position that opens airways and allows for a much easier time breathing. Some people even report that they do not snore at all when sleeping or napping in the ZG position (non-snoring partners of the world, something to celebrate!)

Our Choices for the Best Zero Gravity Chair in 2022

Perfect Chair® PC-610 Omni-motion Classic Supreme Upholstery Package

Gravis ZG Chair

The Perfect Chair effortlessly glides you into the ZG position thanks to its power recline. With the PC-610 Omni-motion Classic in the Supreme Upholstery Package option, you can adjust the angle of the recline and your leg elevation independently to find the most comfortable position for you.

The extended armrests ensure that your arms are supported even when reclining or sitting in the ZG position.

The solid wood base is hand-carved and hand-painted to ensure durability and stability. With the chair's slim profile, it's right at home in your living room, office or anywhere.

Key Features

  • 5-way omni-motion controller
  • Articulating headrest and pillow with magnetic clasp for easy adjustment
  • Memory Foam PLUS
  • Power-adjustable lumbar system
  • 3D EasePoint Technology™
  • Far-infared Jade Stone Heat system
  • Extended armrests
  • Premium Leather upholstery
  • And more


  • Recline and leg elevation move independently for maximum comfort
  • Supportive and comfortable
  • 3D EasePoint Technology allows for enhanced comfort in positions other than just ZG
  • Detailed tuxedo back cover provides a clean, tailored look even if you choose to place the chair so that the back is visible to the rest of the room
  • Heat to soothe tired muscles and put the body into an even deeper state of relaxation
  • Sleek, contemporary design
  • Crafted with premium materials
  • Industry-best warranty terms
  • US-based customer support for fast answers to all of your ZG questions!


  • No massage function

If you're looking for a ZG chair that offers exceptional comfort and is beautifully crafted, the Perfect Chair PC-610 Omni-motion Classic is a great option.

Click here for more information about the Perfect Chair® PC-610 Omni-motion Classic.

Gravis ZG Chair

Perfect Chair® PC-610 Omni-motion Classic Supreme Upholstery Package

The Gravis ZG Chair offers a truly customizable zero gravity experience. Adjust the backrest, footrest and headrest with the touch of a button to find the most comfortable and supportive position for your body.

The Gravis ZG app offers even more customization options, including preset positioning for napping and watching television. The app also allows you to glide into the ZG position with the tap of a button.

The ZG position alone can help with back pain and allow you to slip into a state of relaxation, but the Gravis ZG goes a step further by including a massage function. Choose from three built-in programs: Lumbar, Massage and Stretch.

Heat zones on the back, seat and legs help melt away tension and stress. Each zone can be controlled independently for even greater customization.

Key Features

  • Power adjustable backrest, headrest and footrest
  • Air massage technology with targeted massage
  • Heat zones
  • Remote control function
  • Gravis ZG App connectivity


  • Fully adjustable seating
  • Enter ZG with the touch of a button
  • Independently controlled heat zones for greater relaxation
  • Air massage function
  • Crafted with premium, durable materials.


  • Gentle air massage

If you're looking for a ZG chair that can also deliver a moderate or vigorous massage, the Gravis ZG may not be ideal for you. The air massage technology delivers a gentle massage that's therapeutic and relaxing, but it's not as vigorous as other massage chairs.

Click here for more information about the Gravis ZG Chair.

Lito Zero Gravity Recliner by Relax the Back®

Lito Zero Gravity Recliner by Relax the Back®

Go beyond ZG with the Lito Zero Gravity Recliner, which allows you to elevate your legs even higher than the traditional zero gravity position. In addition, powered adjustability allows you to adjust the leg and recline positions independently.

The remote control makes it easy to adjust the chair's positions, and includes three preset options for nappy, reading and watching television.

Heated zones at the backrest and seat help you relax while easing tension and stress.

Key Features

  • One-touch zero gravity positioning
  • Beyond ZG option
  • Heated backrest and seat
  • Independent powered adjustment for recline and leg positions
  • Articulating headrest
  • Three preset position settings and two custom memory positions


  • Beyond ZG position allows you to elevate your legs even higher
  • Remote control function for convenience
  • Independently adjustable recline and leg positions
  • Preset positions
  • Classic recliner design
  • Heated zones to help ease tension


  • No massage function

The Lito Zero Gravity Recliner does not have a massage function, but it does offer a heated backrest and seat to promote relaxation.

With its classic recliner design and exceptional adjustability, the Lito Zero Gravity Recliner is a great option for anyone who suffers from back pain.

Click here for more information about the Lito Zero Gravity Recliner By Relax The Back®.

Final Thoughts

Zero gravity chairs take the stress off your spine to help with pain and tension. These ZG chairs are exceptional in their durability, comfort and ease of use.

2022-01-13 13:26:57