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5 Benefits of Meditation and Massage

Relaxing before meditating is a necessity. Most meditations start with relaxing the mind before trying to meditate. While relaxation is only one piece of the puzzle, it is one of the most important. 

The benefits of meditation and massage can be powerful - especially when you combine the two. Add zero gravity into your meditation practice- with or without massage- and decompress your spine while boosting your relaxation. 

Meditation + Massage: 5 Powerful Benefits of Combining Meditation and Massage

1. Boost Your Heart Health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted a study that found meditating has significant heart benefits, including:

  • 49% reduction in coronary artery disease risks
  • 24% lower stroke risk
  • 30% lower risk of diabetes

Research also suggests that massage can reduce the risk of stroke and support heart health.

2. Reduction in Anxiety

New York University (NYU) conducted an 8-week study on the benefits of meditation. The study found that during the eight-week assessment, participants enjoyed significant benefits, including:

  • Decreased anxiety
  • Decreased fatigue
  • Reduction of behavioral anxiety
  • Reduction in mood disturbance

The participants, all between the ages of 18 and 45, meditated for just 13 minutes a day. The true benefits of meditation were noticeable in the participants after only a couple of months.

The anxiety-reducing benefits of massage are well-documented and when combined, massage and meditation can be a powerful way to keep anxiety at bay.

3. Significant Reduction in Pain

In 2019, a meta-analysis was conducted on 60 clinical trials, which included a total of 6,404 participants. The study focused on pain reduction and the dosage of opioids by participants to relieve the pain.

The analysis found that meditation was able to:

  • Decrease pain
  • Reduce opioid dosage

Researchers concluded that meditation, along with other forms of mind-body therapy, were not only able to reduce pain and  opioid cravings, but also lower the risk of misuse. 

In addition to the pain-relieving benefits of mediation, there is also evidence that massage can help with pain. Together, meditation and massage can help give pain a one-two punch.

4. Higher Gratitude Levels and Lower Levels of Negative Emotions

A small, 8-week study conducted in the Netherlands at the University of Groningen determined that 15 minutes of meditation was the equivalent of taking a day of vacation. The analysis found that meditation was able to:

  • Reduce exhaustion
  • Improve life satisfaction
  • Increase levels of positive emotions
  • Increase levels of gratitude
  • Decrease general irritability

The relaxing effects of a massage can help amplify these effects, helping you maintain that upbeat attitude for longer.5. Reduction in Cortisol Levels, Stress, and Anxiety

In 2016, a South Korean study was conducted over a span of eight weeks. The study included a school-based program that used a form of meditation called mind subtraction meditation. Elementary school students followed the program and researchers found a significant reduction in:

  • Cortisol levels
  • Stress
  • Social anxiety
  • Depression 

Meditation, whether in a group or at home, can have long lasting benefits to a person’s health and well-being.

If you’re meditating at home, the Super Novo’s three-dimensional massage can relax the mind, alleviate stress, and help you move into your meditative state. Bluetooth connectivity and Premium Altec Lansing speakers allow you to listen to guided meditations while the Sound Soothe function immerses you in nature sounds. You can also use Virtual Therapist™ to customize your massage.

If you can’t find a guided meditation that you like, the Super Novo has its own built-in meditation and yoga programs for deep relaxation and therapeutic stretching. Dual lumbar heat kicks it up a notch to really put you in a state of bliss. The Perfect Chair® PC-LiVE is another great choice to help eliminate pressure on key points and relieve aching muscles by simply reclining into the zero gravity position. 3D EasePoint™ technology eliminates pressure points caused by prolonged sitting and Jade stones provide far-infrared heat that penetrate deep into the muscles to alleviate pain and inflammation while helping you transition into your meditation.

When you add in the benefits of meditation and massage, you’ll be on your path to less stress, tension, anxiety, and better health.

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