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Four Questions to Ask Before Buying a Massage Chair

Making the decision to buy a massage chair is easy. But finding the right one? That’s a little more complicated.

Before you buy a massage chair, there are four important questions to ask:

  • How do you choose one?
  • How often can you use one?
  • How much should it cost?
  • Where should you buy one?

How to Choose a Massage Chair?

The first and most important question to ask is: how do you choose a massage chair?

It's important to know what to look for when comparing chairs so that you can find the right one for your needs, lifestyle and budget.

Your Needs

Why are you buying a massage chair? Do you suffer from back pain? Do you work a high-stress job that causes muscle tension?

Understanding your needs is crucial because it will allow you to find a chair with all of the features you need.

For example:

  • If you suffer from back pain, a chair like the WholeBody® 5.1 or Super Novo would be beneficial because they offer a full-body massage experience.
  • If you need a chair to help with post-workout recovery, the Sana or Quies chairs would be great options because they can deliver a deep tissue massage that will get the blood flowing and help reduce tension.

Once you understand your needs, you can start narrowing down your choices and find a chair that matches your criteria.

Your Desired Features

Now that you know your needs and purpose for the chair, you can start considering features. Which ones are most important to you?

Do you want:

  • Zero Gravity?
  • Bluetooth speakers?
  • Acupressure?
  • Calf and foot massage?
  • Lumbar heating?
  • Built-in massage programs?

If you want a chair that reclines or goes into the Zero Gravity position, you’ll need to consider how much wall clearance you will need. Some chairs, like our Certus chair, are designed so that you don’t need clearance to recline.

Remember to keep your needs in mind when creating your list of desired features. Also, consider that little extras, like having built-in speakers and a tablet holder, are nice to have because they create an immersive experience.

Care and Maintenance

Another critical thing to consider is the care and maintenance of your chair.

  • Is the chair easy to clean?
  • What kind of maintenance does the chair require?

If you have a busy and active lifestyle, you may want a chair with lower maintenance and care requirements.

Our Product Support page provides detailed information on how to set up and care for our chairs. Having this information on-hand will help you narrow down your choices to chairs that fit into your lifestyle.

How Often Can You Use a Massage Chair in a Day?

Along with knowing how to use a massage chair, it’s essential to know how often you can use your chair in a day.

The answer really depends on the intensity of the massage and your physical condition.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to use your chair no more than twice per day for about 15 minutes per session. Using your chair more than twice per day may cause bruising or muscle damage.

How Much Should a Good Massage Chair Cost?

Another vital question to ask is: how much will a good massage chair cost?

You can find massage chairs at all price levels, but not all of them will offer the same experience. A high-end massage chair will provide durability and a better-quality massage compared to a low-end chair.

There are several factors that affect the cost of a massage chair:

Massage Technologies

When comparing massage chairs, you may see the terms “S track,” “L track,” “3D” and “4D.” These massage technologies have a major impact on your experience and give you an idea of the chair’s quality.

  • S Track: These massage rollers follow the natural curve of your back, but only run from your neck to the base of your spine.
  • L Track: These massage rollers also follow the natural curve of your spine, but they extend down to underneath the back of your legs.

A massage chair with an S track and L track – along with a calf and foot massager – will offer a full-body massage. A chair with just an S track will offer a great back, neck and shoulder massage, but will not extend beyond that.

Along with the length of the track, massage chairs also have 2D, 3D or 4D technologies. These refer to the degree to which the massage rollers mimic natural hand movements.

  • 2D: These rollers move up and down and side to side.
  • 3D: These rollers move up and down, side to side, and outward to increase the intensity of the massage.
  • 4D: These rollers can move up and down, side to side and back and forth. They offer a deeper reach and create the most realistic massage experience.

As you can see, massage chairs can be made with a variety of technologies, all of which affect the cost of the chair. The more advanced the technology, the higher the price and the better the experience.

Recline or Zero Gravity

Some massage chairs recline, while others don’t. Some can also move into Zero Gravity. The chair’s ability to move into different positions will impact its cost.

Extra Features

A chair’s cost will also be largely dependent on its features. The massage technologies and materials used to construct the chair will have the biggest impact on cost. However, chairs with nice little extra features will also come at a higher cost, such as:

  • Lumbar heating
  • Acupressure
  • Calf and foot massage
  • Built-in speakers
  • Voice-activated technology

Most modern massage chairs also have built-in auto programs. Unfortunately, more programs typically translate to a higher price tag.

These are some of the biggest factors that affect a chair’s cost. In addition, warranties and white glove delivery options may also add to the overall price of a massage chair.

Where to Buy a Massage Chair?

The final question to ask is where to buy a massage chair. Today, you have more options than ever when buying a massage chair. You can browse a wide selection of chairs right from the comfort of your home using your smartphone or laptop.

Whether you buy online or in person, it’s important to consider the credibility and reputation of the brand. Brands that have been in business for decades, like Human Touch, offer a higher level of service, durability and quality.

Final Thoughts

Buying a massage chair is a great investment, but it’s a decision that should be made with care. Keep these four questions in mind when choosing and comparing your options to purchase a chair that will meet your needs and give you years of use.

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