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The Human Touch Perfect Chair Scores with the Crimson Tide

Human Touch® is thrilled to be a part of a major locker room renovation that the University of Alabama developed for their top-ranking NCAA Football team. The Human Touch Commercial Division gained notoriety through partnerships with a number of other professional sports teams from the NFL, NHL, MLB and more, and were selected by the University’s project management group for the renovation project based on their record of success.

As you can see from the players’ responses at the July 2020 reveal, the chairs were enthusiastically received!

As with any major project, the path to this end result was not a straight or a simple line. However, this is one of the many reasons the U of A project team looked to elite partners like Human Touch for guidance and support. As they initiated the project in late 2019, the University team knew it would be a huge undertaking to integrate personal relaxation and recovery stations for each of their players, especially to the level of detail they hoped to design.

As with any major project, roadblocks would arise, including those that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. Human Touch’s Commercial Division team was prepared to expect the unexpected, becoming involved very early in the project development so they could ensure the best solution for the team. Several Human Touch Perfect Chairs were provided for extensive testing at the facility, after which it was determined that the renowned zero gravity recliners were the perfect choice for the project and for the players’ recovery regimen.

This product choice was made, partially, because the Perfect Chair offers zero gravity seating, which delivers a variety of health benefits. Sitting in this neutral-posture, zero gravity position places the feet above the heart, improving blood flow and relaxing the spine by decompressing the vertebrae. In fact, this physician-recommended seating position is ideal for athletes with an intense fitness regimen because it enhances the body’s ability to heal as it helps support healthy circulation and promotes restful sleep. Many Perfect Chair owners even prefer sleeping in their recliners to sleeping in their own beds! Combined with an unparalleled aesthetic, these benefits made the Perfect Chair a clear choice to use in a recovery space for their hardworking football team.

Due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions, Human Touch’s Commercial Division team also made sure to tailor their pre-installation and ongoing support so they could connect with the on-site team through videoconferencing and send video updates with chair assembly, troubleshooting tips, and product care instructions. The Human Touch team, located in Long Beach, California, also worked to overcome and prioritize shipping concerns for the project during a time when nationwide shipping carriers experienced COVID-related delays.

In the end, the U of A players were overjoyed and grateful as they experienced their new locker room with over 150 Human Touch Perfect Chairs, complete with custom embroidery on each player’s personal recliner. Each player’s space was also customized with their NCAA headshot, “Crimson Tide” colored LED lighting, and a personal refrigerator so that they could relax and recharge in their Perfect Chair.

The key to integrations like this, as any project manager will tell you, is that you absolutely need the support of a team who will be intrinsically involved, early on in the project, so that you can get the perfect solution within the necessary timeline no matter what challenges might come up. Purchasing an off-the-shelf product might seem appealing, but the custom design and support that comes with a knowledgeable project team is invaluable, especially when life becomes unpredictable!

The Human Touch Commercial Division is backed by over 40 years of expertise in the industry, in-house product design and development, direct and dedicated Commercial Division support, special pricing options for commercial projects, and long-term product warranties to guarantee the success of the project for years to come.

To learn more about the capabilities of the Human Touch Commercial Division, or to request a free consultation for your unique project, click here.

2020-09-03 15:36:49
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