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Is a Massage Chair the Right Gift for Christmas?

Are you looking for the best family gifts for Christmas? A massage chair may just be the right choice. For those who suffer from back pain or work stressful jobs, a massage chair is a gift that will keep on giving.

But how do you choose the right chair? And which chairs make the best gifts?

How To Choose a Massage Chair for Back Pain Relief

A massage chair is the best gift for back pain because it delivers relief on-demand. Kick back, relax and let the chair get to work alleviating tension and melting away stress.

When back pain is the main concern, there are several things to consider when choosing a massage chair, such as:

  • Massage Intensity: Does the chair offer a gentle or intense massage? Intense massages aren’t ideal for everyone, so choose a level that the person or family will be comfortable with.
  • Massage Technology: Chairs with an S- and L-track massage will massage from the neck and shoulders down to bottom of the spine and under the thighs. These chairs will deliver a full-body massage, especially if they have a built-in calf and foot massager.
  • Extra Features: Things like lumbar heat, built-in speakers, acupressure systems and zero gravity seating will enhance the massage experience.

Why Can You Make a Difference in the Recipient’s Lifestyle with Such a Gift?

If you’re looking for healthy Christmas gifts or gifts for back pain, a massage chair is a thoughtful choice and can really make a difference in the person’s life by:

  • Delivering natural pain relief on-demand
  • Helping ease stress
  • Promoting self-care

The recipient can enjoy the benefits of massage without ever having to leave their home. For those with mobility issues, busy schedules or difficulty finding a local massage therapist, a massage chair can help them finally get the relief they need.

5 Massage Chairs to Consider as Christmas Gifts

WholeBody ROVE massage chair

Wholebody® ROVE Massage Chair

Features And Benefits

  • S- and L-track massage
  • Dual lumbar heating
  • Tablet remote
  • 8 auto wellness programs
  • Full-body “Bend and Stretch” function
  • Wireless device charger built-in
  • Cloud Touch Acupressure

The Wholebody ROVE creates an immersive massage experience, with built-in Bluetooth speakers, extended foot and calf massage, auto wellness programs, zero gravity seating and more.

With a space-saving design, this is a massage chair that will work in any home.

Special Winter Deal

Order a Wholebody ROVE this winter and get a FREE Whoop 4.0 – a $300 value!

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WholeBody 5.1 massage chair

Wholebody 5.1 Massage Chair

Features And Benefits

  • Auto massage programs
  • FlexGlide massage technology
  • 55-degree swiveling base
  • Dual-motor back and leg rest
  • Retractable ottoman
  • Foot and calf massager

The Wholebody 5.1 massage chair delivers a moderately intense massage thanks to the FlexGlide massage technology. Auto programs take the guesswork out of your massage sessions, and the built-in calf massager provides a full-body experience.

Special Winter Deal

Right now, you can get the Wholebody 5.1 massage chair for $1,199 – a savings of $300. Use a promo code to get a free 3-year extended warranty.

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Sana massage chair

Sana Massage Chair

Features And Benefits

  • S- and L-track massage
  • 9 auto wellness programs
  • Dual lumbar heating
  • Foot and calf massager
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Zero gravity seating

The Sana delivers a luxurious experience, with several auto wellness programs and a full-body massage. Extra features like built-in speakers, cloud touch acupressure, a built-in USB port and an advanced LCD remote make this chair a great fit for anyone.

Special Winter Deal

Right now, you can snag a $1,800 discount on the Sana chair with promo code at checkout.

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Certus Massage Chair

Certus Massage Chair

Features And Benefits

  • S- and L-track massage
  • 11 auto wellness programs
  • Lumbar and foot heating
  • Extended calf and foot massage
  • Built-in sound system
  • Zero gravity seating

The Certus massage chair is loaded with features that offer a full-body, relaxing massage experience. With 11 auto wellness programs, this chair is capable of delivering a vigorous massage while melting away stress. 

Special Winter Deal

Right now, you can get a free Whoop 4.0 and a 12-month WHOOP membership when you purchase a Certus massage chair.

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Super Novo massage chair

Super Novo Massage Chair

Features And Benefits

  • S- and L-track massage
  • 38 wellness programs
  • Knee, calf and foot massage
  • Virtual therapist
  • 3D and 4D massage programs
  • Remote control deck
  • Built-in Altec Lansing sound system

The Super Novo offers the ultimate at-home massage experience. With full-body stretch, 38 wellness programs, cloud touch acupressure, lumbar heating and zero gravity seating, the Super Novo offers some of the most advanced features of any chairs in our lineup.

Special Winter Deal

Now through January 5th, get a free 12-month WHOOP membership plus WHOOP 4.0 wearable technology with the purchase of any Super Novo massage chair.

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Christmas is the perfect time of year to splurge on a massage chair for your loved one or yourself. The deals above are some of our best sellers and offer state-of-the-art massage features to help melt your stress and tension away.

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