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A Word from the Human Touch Wellness Council: Take Your Massage Anywhere!

Do you ever have a tendency to “upper limit” yourself? Have you ever held back on allowing yourself to feel really good, or to be vital and strong…balanced and centered? I know, it sounds a bit counter-intuitive, and you may flippantly respond with, “Gosh, no way! Why would I hold myself back from having more of all the things that I want more of?”

Well, good question. Why would you? 

The research on the benefits of massage are super well documented, and the list of all the reasons why we should welcome its powerful healing, performance enhancing, and all-out awesomeness into our lives is ever-expanding. 

But what gets in the way of putting yourself in self-love based time out? Time, money, convenience…or is it that when you really need the healing touch of a massage it just isn’t around for you to surrender to?

Well, your time has come you super achiever - or you who has a hard time giving unto yourself!

(If I had a drum roll I would pound so loud in presenting the answer to all of these objections!!)

…The iJoy Massage Anywhere just changed the game.

For you Triple Type A People - where your time is perhaps moving too fast and you’re too crunched to allow for a mind-body intervention, now our friends at Human Touch have a message and medium for you. The portable and cordless iJoy Massage Anywhere allows you to experience massage anytime, anywhere. It is high-level wellness at the speed of any and everyone’s life.

And oh, the places you can go! So far in the last month, since I have been “test-living” my Massage Anywhere, I have made more peace with the middle seat in row 34 from New York to Colorado (thank you very much). I have moved from stressed to blessed during my commute-rising above the traffic and arriving whole and happy to work and home. It truly is the perfect way to overcome any and all tendencies to deprive yourself, and allow yourself to be the best version of you… whether today’s agenda includes a business trip, a tough workout, or even an escape to your backyard treehouse!

2020-04-15 11:34:01