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Cassie Gannis, Professional Racecar Driver, Shares Her iJOY Experience

Well race season is wrapping up and it’s time to review the inner workings of each race and the mechanics of the racecar. But just as important are reviewing films and contracts, team recovery and racecar rebuilding. Not only is the racecar rebuilt but the entire crew needs to take time to rest, refresh and reenergize. It’s during off season that I spend my mornings in the shop, and then head to the office.

In my office I have the iJOY® Massage Chair 2.1 by Human Touch®, and that is where I spend most of my time. This chair is stylish, comfortable and perfect for any space of any size. It is not unusual to see car parts around my office, limiting the amount of room space, plus we also use my office for crew meetings. There is not much room and for that reason the iJOY chair is the perfect size. The iJOY is a smaller portable size massage chair, so it is ideal for my office. The funniest thing about my massage chair is it is NEVER EMPTY!  It is not unusual to see my crew fighting over who gets to sit in it.

After getting some heavy work done in the shop, it is nice to have a chair where I can enjoy the benefits of massage.  This chair uses long strokes, kneading, compression, vibration and tapping to help relax and energize me while I review race films, post to social media and answer emails. The positive effects of the iJOY massage chair are that it reduces my stress level, back pain and muscle tension.   

Outside of the massage effects, the iJOY chair is a comfortable chair. It provides a great place to just sit and relax. I can be found watching TV in it after my workday has ended. The chair has convenient side zippered pockets where I keep the chair remote, tissues and my TV remote. It truly is the perfect chair to unwind.

2020-04-29 09:28:18
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