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Checking In On New Year's Resolutions - Recovery Corner

Welcome back to the recover corner, I know we all made new year resolutions and we are just at that time of the year where we all begin to fall short. I hope that one of your goals for the year was to take much better care of your body mentally, physically and emotionally. This is the one goal that you have to stick with and can’t fall short.

My Human Touch chair is one of the starting points of my self-care and recovery routine. It allows me to take control of my life with as simple as two 10-minute sessions each day. I know we are all very limited with free time between work, family and personal enjoyment. These 20 minutes a day definitely have changed my life significantly and the best part about it is you don’t have to do any strenuous work; all you have to do is sit down. I decided to wake up just 15 minutes earlier each day so I could do a session in my chair to start my day. In my morning session I pray and visualize my day and things I want to accomplish. This allows me to just take a moment to proactively attack my day so I can become more productive and achieve more of my goals. It also gets my body ready to start the day so all the aches and pains will be less as I start my day. I’ve noticed when I feel less pain in my body, I definitely feel mentally nor confident of the things I’m able to accomplish and nothing hold me back from completing tasks.

With a higher positive emotional attitude I’ve found myself more creative and a spark of new ideas and plans at work. It’s also affected my personal life as well because I am more clear I handle conflict so much better, I’m more open and try to see the other person’s side and perspective on situations which is helping me grow as a person. I never imagined how much a 10-minute change in your routine could have such a positive effect on the rest of your day and potential your life.

Shortly after seeing the positive effects of the morning session in the chair, I decided to add an evening session as well. This session is completely different than a muscle recovery session that I would do if I was in pain or hurting. This session is very similar to my morning session, but I’m reverse.

I play my day backwards and see the things that I would change if I could change. I look at all my personal interactions and ask myself did I leave that person in a better position after the interaction than they were in before. If there was a conflict is there a better way that I could have handled that situation? Then I grade my entire day so I can be better the next day and continue to grow each day. Finally, I pray at the end of the session just to give thanks for being allowed to live another day and have a positive impact on those that I came in contact with that day.

In doing this process I found a way to critique my life and challenge myself to become better. This is the ultimate challenge of growth for my personally because I set the rules no one knows about the challenge but me and the only person who can hold me accountable is me. Taking a self-evaluation daily can be tough because you have to look at your flaws and face them head on, but it has worked amazingly well for me. This is all proof on how Human Touch can help your mind, body and spirit.

As we all reach that fall off point in our New Year’s resolution remember the one thing that can’t fall is you giving up on yourself. Go back and start with something simple, it’s ok to start all over if you have to but just don’t give up. You can take control of your life and become the new you in this new year. Thank you for coming back to the recovery corner in the next edition we will go over how to set goals that you can keep.

2023-03-23 10:21:48
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