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Finding Your Best Self with the iJOY Massage Anywhere, by Dr. James Rouse

Really?! This is our new word. When a red light stops our forward momentum…we say Really?! When the Wi-Fi is slower than the speed of our life…Really?!

I am well versed in the humbling art of pretending I can keep up with what my higher self knows is downright impossible to keep up with. And I’m getting a bit better at recognizing “it” before it takes me down the “Really?!” road and before it’s too late.

How am I getting better? My self-imposed intervention strategy…namely my iJoy Massage Anywhere.
iJoy Massage Anywhere

You know when you are less than your best self…that “self” often makes the appearance at the end of a long day of most things not coming together: meaningless meetings, spirit crushing news headlines, eating way less healthy and more than you wanted to, only to be topped by a commute that tested your faith in just about everything. And then the moment of truth…you getting ready to enter your home and that sinking feeling in your heart begins to rise up just in time to remind you to stop and ask yourself: “are you sure you want to go in like this?” You know that you are not your best, you know that you will wish you had taken a moment to gather and integrate and connect your head to your heart…your less than best to your best self.

My self-care love affair sometimes happens in my treehouse or on my front porch, and it always includes my “Massage Anywhere” from HumanTouch.

Research shows that we can move from stressed to blessed by simply exiting the cortisol express with massage. Massage increases our “happy, balanced and centering” chemical serotonin. As serotonin rises, so does our ability to show up as our best self. You get to be the person you truly came here to be - the one who shows up heart first…the person everyone loves to see at the door…mostly you.

2020-04-15 11:58:14