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First Impressions of the Novo XT, By: Dr. Jon L. Stucky

I just received my new Human Touch NOVO XT, and so far am loving it!

It was shipped from the company “White Glove,” which means the shipping came with set up and placement in my home via a contracted shipper. The shippers called me to schedule a time that was convenient for me. When they arrived, they scoped out the location in the house that it was going to be placed, and unboxed the chair outside and carried it into my home cautiously. The two men completed the placement and invited me to sit in the chair. They showed me all of the programing and made sure all the components where working to perfection.  I sat in the chair for nearly an hour after they left with all the packaging.

It is a complex chair with rollers and airbags all around you, and many massaging components happening simultaneously. I feel enveloped into this chair, even more than any of the other Human Touch chairs I have owned since 2004. It is refined, luxurious, and relaxing, yet offers the most comfortably deep (or sensitive) massage programs I have experienced in the Human touch evolution of products. 

I am constantly finding and trying all the programs and listening components of this chair. One aspect that was fascinating was that the chair would create a massage based on the Bluetooth music you are playing through the chair…TRULY an AMAZING FEATURE with unlimited potential of listening to a cool jazz song or a legendary rock song and experiencing a different feel and sensation for each. It has been an amazing month of learning and experimenting with all the ideas of programming assemble in the new NOVO XT, and I look forward to sharing more about my experience with the chair- as well as my professional insight into its benefits- soon.

-Dr. Jon L. Stucky, Stucky Chiropractic

2020-04-29 19:56:51
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