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Creating a Lovely Day with Maurice Allen

The first goal when we all wake up is to have the best day possible. Sometimes this gets messed up before we even get started. We sleep through alarm clocks and are late so we are rushing the whole day. We just don’t feel right and our body is off or we sleep in the wrong position and now we aches and pains that we have to workout to try to feel better. Possibly you just didn’t have a good night sleep or enough sleep because you went to bed later than you expected.

There is a long list of reasons why many of our days don’t start off ideal which more often than not slips into us not being able to have the most productive day. I guess in a perfect world we would all wake up like the prince in the movies Coming to America. Beautiful spacious bed, perfect temperature setting in the room, just the right amount of sunlight. Laying in the perfect position with the best pillow and gently waking up to a symphony. Well this isn’t the reality for 99.9% of us in the world and definitely not the people reading this blog.

But how do you make everyday the best day possible? You do some research, play around with a few ideas and construct a regimen that works for you. As an athlete we always talk about warming up and being a our peak so we can perform. That is the same for everyone else living life as well. If you start your day in ways that put you in the best possible light you will have less stress, a clearer mind and a more joyful heart. With those three components your will be a better employee, parent, partner and person all around.

The first thing I do when I wake up every day is go and sit in my Human Touch Super Novo masage chair for twenty minutes. If you look they tell you that everyday first thing you should meditate. No better place to do than your chair! I don’t your the same setting every morning but I do a 20 min session and I always use the heat option.

During this time I mentally go over the thoughts and key points of what i would like to do that day. I try to visualize and anticipate things that may happen that day and ways to proactively deal with adversity. I also envision the success that i would like to see on that day. Many times while I’m in the chair i do drills and allow my mind to take over my body and talk to my muscles and tell them what needs to trigger without actually doing the motions fully. This gets my body ready to move, my muscles get the gentle wake up that then need so I can be at my best.

I totally understand that everyday it’s going to be perfect but if you take the to find a regimen that works for you and stick to it you will have more good days than bad. Thank you for checking into the recovery corner and I hope this was helpful to you in your wellness journey.


Maurice Allen

World Long Drive Champion 

WLD Tour Champion 

Long Drivers European Tour Champ

American Cancer Society Ambassador 

Boys & Girls Club of America Ambassador 

Former Guinness World Record Holder

2022-12-02 17:59:06
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