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Exploring 'Release' with Maurice Allen

In this version of the recovery corner we are going to talk about tension release. We all experience different types of tension in our day to day lives. The one thing that all our tension has in common is that the origin of the tension branches out into other parts of our lives. Very rarely does tension remain in the place of origin alone. We must understand the steps of progress of tension in hopes that we will recognize it early and have a plan of action to alleviate the effects. For me the progression was tension to discomfort to pain to finally restriction. In many cases I felt the pain and discomfort but ignored them or was too lazy to address the situation with hope that it would just get better on its own. In other cases I didn’t have the knowledge to help be rectify the situation. As we all have experienced firsthand, you never understand the importance of health until you become unhealthy. It is truly one of the biggest things that we all take for granted.

Once I received my Human Touch massage chair I started a daily release regime which not only helps with the quality of life but also allows me to gain that important connection with my body. Being better connected with my body helps me better notice other situations that I may encounter along with the ability to gain more efficiency from my body.

The first step is for me to place my chair in zero gravity mode and to turn on the foot and lower leg massage setting. We have talked about daily meditation and planning in out passages but for me this is a get way to accomplish that goal. I believe that tension in your feet and lower legs are the key and origin to a lot of issues in the body. It’s the place that sees the most stress, strain and work physically on you body. I would view it like a car, if you have bad tires no matter how great or beautiful the car may be you will never get the best performance out of the vehicle. So I start my day with the lower leg and foot massage in the zero gravity position you get the blood flowing properly in my body with hopes that it aid in all my bodily functions. Better circulation helps with cardiovascular health, it can help with digestion, help with endorphin release which will help with your all around mood. Doing it in the evenings can have the exact same effects along with help with sleep and quality of rest while sleeping.

I prefer mine in the morning because it allows me the opportunity to plan out my day and set immediate goals in a state of total clarity, focus and relaxation.

Paying attention you to your feet and lower legs is a very important part of your health and quality of life. I hope that you will challenge yourself to do this in the morning or evening 3 days a week for the next month and see how it makes you feel. I believe once you begin to feel the release of tension you will find a brand new enjoyment of life. Thank you for coming to the recovery corner and reading my experiences in my journey to becoming a healthier and better version of myself. Hopefully I can inspire you to do the same along the way and give you ideas for you to try and see if they work for you as well.

2023-02-27 18:11:35
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