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Why a Massage Chair is the Best Luxury Valentine's Day Gift

If your special someone is stressed, a massage chair for Valentine's Day may help lift their mood.

Stress hit 65% of the adult population in 2020, and this figure is likely much higher than reported. Whether you're adjusting to the work-from-home lifestyle, raising kids or in the office, stress exists.

The perfect gift for couples, a massage chair can help melt the stress away, relieve tension and improve a person's mood. As a luxury Valentine's Day gift, these chairs offer a professional massage from the comfort of a person's own home.

If you're looking for the following, consider a massage chair:

  • Valentine's Day gifts for husbands
  • Valentine's Day gifts for wives
  • Valentine's Day gifts for parents

Don't know where to begin when choosing a massage chair? We list three of the best massage chairs available this year in the next section.

3 Massage Chair Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

1. Sana Massage Chair

Our Sana Massage chair melds simplicity and a stunning design into a beautiful, feature-rich massage chair that's designed to help melt your stress away. Nine auto-wellness programs are available to quickly focus on stretch, recovery or full-body massage.

Arm and wrist massagers help alleviate Carpal Tunnel syndrome, and dual lumbar heat will soothe tight, aching back muscles.

A few of the critical features of the Sana are:

Features and benefits

  • 9 built-in wellness programs to follow
  • S- and L-track massage
  • Cloud touch acupressure points
  • Built-in USB ports
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Advanced LCD remote control
  • Wrist and arm massage
  • Dual lumbar heat
  • Foot and calf massage

With the introduction of the S- and L-massage, you'll experience a full body massage that goes from the base of the skull down to right below your knees.

Where to buy?

If you want to purchase a Sana Massage chair this Valentine's Day, you can place your order directly on our site. We offer financing options, white glove delivery upgrades, and help from a Wellness Specialist if you want to have any questions before placing your order.

Click here to learn more about the Sana and to place an order.

2. Certus Massage Chair

Certus offers a vigorous massage and is perfect for people that are 5'0 - 6'9" tall. Sleek and eye-catching, the chair is reliable and will quickly become a mainstay in your wellness routine. The chair provides a three-dimensional massage and includes orbital massage to target the calves and feet, too.

Let's take a look at a few of the key features and benefits of the Certus:

Features and benefits

  • 11 auto-wellness programs
  • Dual lumbar and calf heat
  • Zero gravity seating
  • S- and L-track massage
  • Foot and calf massager
  • Built-in sound system
  • Remote control design

The Certus massage chair offers eleven wellness programs to help massage aches, pains, sore muscles and stress away.

Where to buy?

You can purchase the Certus massage chair directly from us. If you have any questions, feel free to connect with one of our Wellness Specialists through the widget shown at the bottom of our website.

Click here to learn more about the Certus massage chair.

3. Super Novo Massage Chair

The Super Novo massage chair offers the ultimate in luxury at-home massage. With 3D and 4D massage programs, the Super Novo delivers a true full-body massage. A built-in sound system and the ability to slip into the zero gravity position allow you to immerse yourself in complete relaxation.

S- and L-track massage targets your shoulders and extends all the way down to your spine and thighs.

Features and benefits

  • S- and L-track massage
  • 3D and 4D massage programs
  • Foot, knee and calf massage
  • Alexa-enabled control
  • Built-in Altec Lansing sound system
  • Zero gravity position
  • Full-body stretch
  • Easy-access remote controls

Where to buy?

You can purchase the Super Novo directly from Human Touch. When placing your order, you can choose the color you want and your delivery option.

Click here to learn more about the Super Novo massage chair.

Why Massage Chair is Perfect to Give on Valentine's Day

If you're looking for good Valentine's Day gifts, it's hard to beat a massage chair. Flowers and candy don't last, but a massage chair will be there day in and day out to give your loved one the gift of relaxation and wellness.

Here are some great reasons to give a massage chair as a gift this Valentine's Day.

Stress Relief

When you give someone a massage chair, you're giving them the gift of stress relief. Massage eases tension, helps calm the nervous system and assists the body in releasing those feel-good hormones that lift your mood.

Alleviate Pain

If your loved one suffers from chronic pain, a massage chair may bring some relief. In one study, participants saw a significant reduction in pain after a massage. Participants also saw improvement in many other important areas, including their emotional well-being, sleep quality and relaxation.

When your loved one has a massage chair at home, they can enjoy the pain-relieving effects of massage anytime they want or need.

Boost Mood

Massage can help the body release oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, which can lift your mood. It can also help release other mood-lifting neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.

With an at-home massage, your loved one can enjoy the mood-boosting effects of a massage any time they want. Many massage chairs also have built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity, which adds to the experience and further improves your mood.


There are so many Valentine's Day expensive gifts out there, but a massage chair is a gift that keeps on giving and offers tangible benefits. There's no greater gift than wellness and self-care.

Regular massages can help improve your loved one's overall physical and emotional well-being. With a massage chair, they can relax after a long and stressful day and take some time to care for their mental health.

Final Thoughts

A Valentine's Day massage gift doesn't need to be a one-off surprise. When you give the gift of an actual massage chair, your special someone can enjoy a deep tissue massage any time they want. If you're tired of giving roses and a box of candy, a massage chair gift is:

  • Luxurious
  • Unexpected
  • Valentine's Day gifts for parents

It's the perfect Valentine's gift for mom, dad, husband or wife.

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