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Realizing Your Intentions, By: Dr. James Rouse

Every morning I move from my daily workout and immediately into my Novo XT massage chair to mediate and visualize what I would love to experience. And this morning, YOU “popped” into my mind and into my heart.

I’m willing to bet that we will both spend a portion of this week before the New Year thinking about the year in retrospect and the one to come. Oftentimes we may find that we all too easily put ourselves into our own personal penalty box for not being perfect, and for not reaching our vision for the preceding year. Well that doesn’t work, but today we can take the path of heart, and help ourselves learn to create a life that we love.

A life we love…really?

Consider how much of your 2018 desires are connected to following thru on intentions to increase your peace, your positivity, your prosperity and your overall performance. I believe we all want a way to support each of these goals with a practice that is easy and powerfully effective. Easy and powerful? Too good to be true? No. Here’s how it works.

The body of science-based research confirms that massage serves our mind and body to promote physiological and neurochemical empowerment, balance and harmony. When our minds and our bodies have the support of massage under its wings, our overall life performance takes flight. When we optimize our innate chemistry we will experience our life by design; less stress, greater resiliency, stronger immune system function, a decrease in pain and an overall increase in energy, positivity, high level performance and peace.

Do any of these mimic and or connect with what you have your list for 2018? In times like these, we are all too often grading ourselves on expressing a “human doing”. The key to creating a life you love is more about becoming a human being, and one way to make this happen, is engaging your Human Touch with massage.

Happy New Year to you!

2020-04-15 12:15:59