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Maurice Allen Talks About Travelling Too Much

So for the month of June I was on the road 26 of the 31 days. This played a huge effect on how my body reacted and recovered. Obviously being on the road I was unable to use my Super Novo massage chair as often as I liked. For this reason, I was sure to maximize my use of it while I was home by sitting in it twice per day to help my body to really recover. Between training and travel, it’s become crucial to optimize my recovery during my “down time” by really taking the time to relax and work through any built-up tension that my body is holding. I was also recently able to get my hands on the new WHOOP 4.0 wearable technology that Human Touch has partnered with, which will allow me to track my recovery to ensure that I’m making the most of my massage chair and other recovery tools. More on that next month!

That being said, all of my recent travelling has made me find new and creative ways to stretch my body out so I can perform at my best.

The first thing that I did was use the suspension trainer that was available in the hotel gyms and set a 30 min program that gave me a good upper and lower body stretch using my body weight to make it more challenging. I followed that with a 15 minute balance and awareness program to stimulate my mind and body to make sure they were aligned to start the day. I avoided all heavy pounding on my body (sprints, ect) because I knew if I got out of alignment I didn’t have access to the things I needed to help get me back to a place of peak performance. I finished with a 15 minute core strengthening program because I know my hips and lower back have been problem areas in the past.

To finish off the day I would go to the pool and walk around the pool as an active recovery and cold therapy solution. This would help reduce any inflammation that I got throughout the day also allow for a latic acid flush from my muscles.

A large part of recovery is doing the work necessary for you to feel better. It may sometimes be inconvenient but trust me there is no substitute to feeling good. Feeling good sets the tone for the rest of your day it allows you to be open to the opportunities and possibilities that the day will bring you. When you’re away make sure that you focus on the areas that give you problems so you can function at the best of your ability while you’re gone and most importantly so you don’t have huge issues when you get back.

Being on the road can be inconvenient but for so many of us it’s a necessity to earn a loving. While we don’t have all the comforts of home at our disposal it’s a time to help us appreciate home just a little more. Learn to take care of your body and your body will take care of you. Thank you for checking in at the recovery corner this week.


2022-08-12 11:03:31
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