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Human Touch Partners With RFA: Athletic Recovery And Massage Therapy

The many positive effects of massage therapy have long been recognized by the athletic and sporting world.

Many coaches, athletes, and sports medicine experts have long acknowledged that massage can provide numerous benefits to the body, including increased blood flow, improved circulation, reduced muscle soreness and tension, lowered mental stress and anxiety, and better overall wellbeing.

And now, with the recent partnership between Human Touch® and Recovery For Athletes (RFA), these many benefits are now even more accessible to athletes than ever before.

In this post, we are going to explore Human Touch’s market-leading massage chairs and zero gravity recliners and review their many benefits for athletic recovery.

The Important Role Massage Therapy Plays For Athletic Recovery

It’s not hard to see why the athletic world is so jazzed about massage chairs. Their many benefits have seen professional athletes from around the world incorporate massage therapy into their recovery routines.

Below, we explore the main benefits of massage therapy and how it helps some of the world’s greatest athletes stay on top of their game.

Increased Blood Flow, Circulation, And Reduced Blood Pressure

Whether it’s simply muscle soreness from an intense workout or recovery from an injury, massage therapy, delivered by massage chairs, is a great way to increase blood flow to painful or injured areas of the body. When blood flows into an affected area, it brings oxygen and nutrients that replenish cells and help sore bodies feel better and heal faster.

In fact, research has shown that deep tissue massages can work to reduce systolic (contracted heart pressure), diastolic (expanded or open-heart pressure), and mean arterial blood pressure.

These benefits not only promote athletic recovery but can also help to promote the longevity of an athlete’s professional life.

Great Range Of Movement And Increased Flexibility

With intense workouts and heavy athletic routines comes tightness and limited range of motion. Stiff, sore muscles and joints don’t perform optimally and are more susceptible to injuries like tears, pulls, and strains.

Thankfully, massage chairs help to loosen and relieve areas of damage due to physical activity, reducing the risk of injury and preparing the body for the next tough training session.

It has been shown that consistent use of a massage chair is an effective intervention for musculoskeletal aches, pains, discomfort, and a great way to increase range of motion.

The perfect combination to avoid injury and stay active and healthy for longer.

Pain Relief

There's nothing more effective at killing motivation and reducing athletic performance than pain. Tired muscles, soreness, and tightness all lead in one direction, more recovery time and less time athletically training.

Thankfully, massage chairs are great at relieving unwanted pain symptoms from athletic and sports training to return the body to optimal conditions in a timely manner.

Take Ryan Bader’s experience with his Novo XT2, he says, “…it’s really taken my recovery to a whole new level.” and reveals, “What I really like about it is it has so many features that I can easily tailor a massage to my day and how I’m feeling.”

Massage chairs are the perfect solution for pain relief and to help athletes, even with regimes as demanding as an MMA fighter, quickly and effectively relieve their post-workout pain to get back to training as soon as possible.

Injury Recovery

Injuries, big or small, are the antithesis of effective athletic training. A niggling injury can keep athletes from training, performing, and competing at their very best. And could, quite literally, be the difference between a long prosperous athletic career and retirement.

Former NFL player, Hiram Eugene, suffered numerous injuries throughout his career, and describes, “I am most affected by tightness/stiffness/soreness in my lower back, joint tightness/soreness in left hip, and stiffness/tingling/inflammation/numbness in my neck.”

He goes on to say: “My attraction to the [Human Touch] Novo massage chair was that it really does have the touch of human hands giving you a firm massage, and it also has a recliner mode that helps you relax while you receive that massage.”

Hiram, unfortunately, sustained a career-ending injury back in 2012 , but has been using his Novo massage chair to help with his recovery and manage pain ever since.


In addition to physical fatigue, muscle soreness, and injury management, athletic training can also take a mental toll.

This, once again, is where massage chairs shine. Professional racecar driver and Human Touch Wellness Council Member, Cassie Gannis’ experience is a prime example.

Cassie uses her iJOY® massage chair to help her relax both during and after her workday: “This chair uses long strokes, kneading, compression, vibration and tapping to help relax and energize me while I review race films, post to social media and answer emails. The positive effects of the iJOY massage chair are that it reduces my stress level, back pain, and muscle tension.”

She also adds: “Outside of the massage effects, the iJOY chair is a comfortable chair. It provides a great place to just sit and relax. I can be found watching TV in it after my workday has ended.”

As a professional athlete, it’s just as important to keep your mind sharp and relaxed as it is to keep your body pain-free. That way, when stepping onto the field or competing in a big event, their head is in the game and they are ready to perform at the top level.

Post-workout Muscle Care

Ultimate athletic achievements take not just serious commitment but also a rigorous athletic routine. Routines such as this can take a serious toll on the body and require just as much time off the field recovering as on the field performing.

Andy Potts, a world champion triathlete, shares his experience with the Novo XT massage chair: “As a professional triathlete, one of the pillars of my racing and training success comes from proper recovery. I train for over 35 hours a week, which takes a tremendous toll on the body. By adding the Human Touch Novo XT to my daily routine, I’m able to unwind and recover in a way I never thought possible.”

An investment in a high-quality massage chair is a convenient and easily tailored way to recover from heavy workout loads and professional athletic commitments. The process of giving

muscles and joints the care they deserve pays dividends to both recovery and performance.

Final Thoughts

Massage chairs are a fantastic way to take any athletic regime to the next level. That’s why a partnership between Recovery For Athletes and Human Touch is the perfect alliance for athletes everywhere. is the top online retailer for athletic recovery, fitness, and wellness equipment. We stock products from over 75 brands within our online store, partnering with manufacturers who share our vision: to improve the recovery and performance of athletes irrespective of their sporting discipline.

With over 40 years of experience, Human Touch designs and manufacturers market-leading massage chairs that have set the bar for innovation and technology within the industry. Their comprehensive portfolio of high-quality massage chairs and zero gravity recliners has taken athletic recovery to the next level.

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