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Mother's Day Luxury Gifts for a Full Relaxation

Mother's Day is all about her, but it's really hard to find the perfect gift that doesn't include a night out to eat or some kind of candy. Mom deserves a little luxury and a lot of relaxation, and that's the main focus of our Mother's Day gift guide.

While we can focus on many other items, we're going to focus on massage because it promotes optimal health and well-being.

3 Massage Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Gravis ZG Chair


1. Gravis ZG Chair

The Gravis ZG kicks off our Mother's Day relaxation gifts, and it's a beautiful chair that's perfect after a long day. ZG offers a nice, gentle massage that will slowly ease pain and aches, with multiple heat zones, adjustable positions, targeted massage and even an app.

Some of the key benefits of this chair are:

Features and Benefits

  • Air massage technology that gently targets key pain points and tension areas
  • Multiple heat zones to melt stress and tension away
  • Easy adjustments of the back, feet and head
  • Recline and include options to take the weight off of the joints and allow you to relax

Where to Buy?

Click here to purchase the Gravis ZG Chair.

Perfect Chair PC-610 Omni-Motinon Classic


2. Perfect Chair PC-610 Supreme Upholstery Package

The PC-610 is an amazing chair that's hand-crafted and painted. Our Supreme Package brings the chair to a whole other level of comfort with luxury materials (Pssst! We're running a sale on this package right now).

The PC-610 offers:

Features and Benefits

  • Zero gravity function to offer maximum comfort and relief from achy joints
  • 3D EasePoint technology to alleviate aches and pains
  • Jade heat stones on the back to relieve pain and tension
  • Easy adjustments for the head, armrests and lumbar system

And the Supreme Upholstery package doesn't have to be an expensive Mother's Day gift. For the entire month of May 2022, we're offering $500 off this Supreme upholstery package for moms who deserve to be spoiled.

Where to Buy?

Click here to purchase the Perfect Chair PC-610 Chair.

WholeBody 5.1 Massage Chair


3. WholeBody® 5.1

Our WholeBody 5.1 is a beautiful massage chair that's also affordable. The compact design allows it to fit in most spaces with ease. The massage intensity is moderate, so it will provide a nice, relaxing massage without being too intense.

As one of our best sellers, this chair offers a feature-rich design that includes top-tier benefits.

Features and Benefits

  • 55-degree swivel base to make moving in the chair easy
  • Ottoman with foot and calf massager that is fully retractable
  • Dual motor on the leg rest and back
  • Three massage programs
  • FlexGlide massage technology

Mom can sit back, kick up her feet and enjoy our CirQlation® technology, which provides a figure-eight calf massage. With the addition of auto massage programs, the WholeBody is a great gift on Mother's Day.

Where to Buy?

Click here to purchase the WholeBody 5.1 Chair.

Why a Massage Chair is Perfect to Give on Mother's Day

Mother's Day gifts and luxury go together. If you're wondering why massage chairs are the perfect gift for moms, there are numerous reasons:

  • Stress: Life is stressful. A mom who has been doing everything for her kids and maintaining a household has a mountain of stress. Massage has been shown to reduce stress and help people relax.
  • Reduce pain. Massaging sore and painful muscles is well-known for reducing pain. Today's massage chairs work nearly as efficiently as a professional masseuse to help alleviate aches and pains.
  • Immune function. There's some evidence that massage may help boost immune system function. For any mom, a strong immune system means that she can continue through her day feeling her best.
  • Energy. Massages are known for being relaxing, but they also provide a boost of energy and can help improve alertness.

Additionally, if you decide to purchase her a massage at a local massage parlor, it's a one-off massage that will be relaxing but short-lived. Massage chairs allow her to have a massage in the comfort of her own home whenever she wants.

It's the gift that keeps on giving, and it's something that she'll surely love.

Plus, moms work hard to ensure that their families are well cared for. She deserves to have some time to herself. And a massage chair is one way to splurge on mom and say "thank you" for all that she's done.

Final Thoughts

We focused on massage chairs in our Mother's Day gift guide because mom deserves to enjoy a daily massage. You'll find that these chairs are relaxing Mother's Day gifts that keep on giving. She'll enjoy lower stress, aches, pains and trips to a massage therapist thanks to her massage chair.

It's the perfect Mother's Day gift massage that she can enjoy any time and any day.

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