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THE LAB in Santa Barbara Uses Perfect Chairs to Aide in Recovery

As more and more people prioritize living a balanced life – combining their passions at work and at play – it has become crucial that they perform at their full potential in both areas. And with advances in science and technology, the field of physical rehabilitation is growing at an incredibly rapid rate, allowing us to truly BE our best at all times.

THE LAB is described as “best-in-class physical performance and wellness professionals [with] an emphasis on building, restoring and regenerating the human body.” Their services include personal training, Cryotherapy, physical therapy, NormaTec recovery, anti-gravity AlterG treadmills, blood lactate testing, biomechanical assessments and more. With clients including NBA, NFL and MLB athletes, THE LAB’s reputation speaks for itself.

NormaTec with Human Touch Perfect Chairs

Of the services offered, one of the more popular forms of therapy is a Cryotherapy session followed by the use of a NormaTec compression system. Cryotherapy exposes the body to extremely cold temperatures (below -100°C) for a very short period of time, which decreases whole body inflammation, relieves muscle pain and speeds up the recovery process. Cryotherapy has been shown to help with recovery and performance in athletics and pain management of arthritis, as demonstrated by this powerful testimonial on THE LAB’s website. Other areas of research include treatment of depression, anxiety, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, fibromyalgia and many other conditions.

Once clients have concluded their Cryotherapy session, they move on to the NormaTec recovery system. Their legs are enveloped in NormaTec compression equipment, which uses compression technology to enhance blood circulation and accelerate recovery. These NormaTec sessions are complemented by the use of Human Touch Perfect Chair recliners. The zero-gravity position of the Perfect Chair encourages increased blood flow and is the No. 1 physician-recommended way to sit for optimal spinal health.

NormaTec at THE LAB in Santa Barbara

The complementary use of NormaTec recovery equipment with Human Touch Perfect Chair recliners was noted by the owner of THE LAB, who has his own set of Perfect Chair recliners. Upon discovering that these recliners optimize the use of his NormaTec equipment, he quickly placed four Perfect Chair recliners in THE LAB. In the three years since, the recliners have helped numerous college athletes, competitive endurance athletes and NBA all-stars as part of their post-workout routines.

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