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Choosing the Right Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Zero gravity chairs allow you to recline back to a weightless position, offering unparalleled comfort, improved blood circulation and even reduced swelling. If you’re searching for a massage chair to help with aches, pain and muscle soreness, this type of chair may be the right choice for you.

Secret Benefits of a Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Zero gravity is a unique position that removes the stress put on your joints when sitting. For example, when sitting in a normal chair, you’ll put a lot of pressure on:

  • Hip joints, which will have the weight of your legs and thighs pulling down on them
  • Lower back, when often experiences pain and discomfort after long bouts of sitting

A staggering 64% of adults experience back pain because of their sitting habits. When you recline back into the zero gravity position, you take the weight off of these joints and can massage them to reduce the aches and pains you experience.

In fact, this position will reduce the pressure you put on your spinal discs.

Since you’re reclining back, you’ll place your feet above your heart. When your feet are above your heart, this has a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Reduced swelling
  • Improved blood circulation and flow
  • Alleviated inflammation

If you experience swelling in the feet or ankles, sitting in the best zero gravity massage chair will naturally start to move the fluids through the body. When massage is added into the equation, it will further push the fluids through the body.

You may also experience:

  • Improvement in muscle recovery
  • Alleviation of muscle soreness following exercise

Massage chairs can also help improve mood, alleviate headaches and even migraines, reduce pain and much more. If you suffer from chronic tension headaches, studies suggest that massage can help reduce pain and the frequency of headaches.

Finally, there is also evidence that massage can improve sleep, which has a slew of benefits in itself, such as faster recovery from injuries, surgery and more.

How Do Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Work?

Sitting back in a zero gravity full body massage chair is an amazing experience and one that is similar from one chair to another, although they may all work differently. First, the chair must be able to put you in the zero gravity position, which means:

  • Recline you back in the chair
  • Elevate the feet above the heart
  • Reduce weight and pressure on the joints

Next, the chair will offer some form of massage, which will vary from one chair to the next and will often include specific types of massage, such as:

  • Shiatsu
  • Tapping
  • Kneading
  • Rolling

Air compression or rollers will often be responsible for the “massage.” High-end chairs will feature 3D or 4D massage, which will mimic the massage from a professional. These chairs can help massage your muscles, target specific joints and pain points and provide exceptional massages in the comfort of your own home.

Depending on the chair, you may have the following features:

  • Speed adjustments to enjoy a faster or slower massage
  • Intensity adjustments to help knead tighter muscles
  • Heating to help melt away tension and stress

S- and L-track massage chairs will extend massages further than even the best massage chair could offer in the past. Using these special track systems, it’s possible for a zero gravity chair to reach the shoulders, down the spine and to the thighs.

Some models will take the massage a step further to target your calves and ankles, which further encourages fluids to move through the body.

Professional Tips For Choosing Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

What’s the best massage zero gravity chair for you? A few tips can go a long way in helping you choose a chair that’s perfect for your needs:

  • Space requirements: How much space does the chair need to go into zero gravity? If you don’t have a lot of space, be sure to ask about the chair’s total length when reclined before buying a model you like.
  • Heat: The power of heat when getting a massage is often overlooked and underappreciated. Heat will allow you to loosen tight muscles and ease aches and pains, contributing to the benefits of being in a zero gravity position.
  • Zero gravity: Ensure that the chair you choose has a true zero gravity design. Standard massage chairs do not elevate your feet to reach the zero gravity position.
  • Massage length: How far will the massage reach? Will the massage target your shoulders down to your hips? Be sure that the chair chosen has an L- or S-track design to provide a full-length massage.

WholeBody ROVE Massage Chair

WholeBody® ROVE Massage Chair

ROVE’s S- and L-track massage and extending foot and calf massager will empower you to experience an unmatched at-home massage. This chair has it all:

  • 8 auto-wellness programs to take the guesswork out of your massage
  • Dual lumbar heat to loosen tight muscles and alleviate pain
  • Bend and stretch functionality for greater relief
  • AcuPoint detection for a more personalized massage
  • Much more

ROVE is a chair that is built for maximum massage power with a lot of “comfort” features built into the chair. Wireless charging, Bluetooth speakers and a touchscreen are just a few of the features that make the ROVE a standout zero gravity chair.

Super Novo Massage Chair

Super Novo Massage Chair

Super Novo is a state-of-the-art massage chair that is designed to provide a 3D massage along the entire spine, down to your thighs. Advanced massage is offered through:

  • 3D and 4D massage programs, which allow you to tap a button for a stunning massage
  • Remote control deck, allowing you to customize your massage without getting up
  • S- and L-track massage to provide a full body massage
  • Massage for your knees, feet and calves

Full-body stretching will further add to the comfort and health benefits of your zero gravity massage, while the dual lumbar heat provides targeted relief for tight muscles.

Certus Massage Chair

Certus Massage Chair

Certus is the final chair on the list, and it offers a vigorous massage, fits users that are 5’0” - 6’9” in height and has 11 auto-wellness programs built-in. The chair features:

  • AcuPoint detection systems that map the back for a custom massage
  • Zero gravity seating, which allows you to elevate your legs above your heart
  • Inner calf and dual lumbar heating to relieve pain and loosen tight muscles
  • Space-saving design to fit in smaller spaces with ease

Certus has a small footprint, empowering you to sit back into the zero gravity position even if you’re in a smaller room with little-to-no space. The chair’s multiple wellness programs, lumbar heat and AcuPoint detection are all reasons to give this chair a try.

Where To Buy?

Human Touch offers all of the chair models above – and more. When it comes to massage chairs, choosing a reputable company will help you find a model that’s built to last and backed by a warranty.

Purchasing from the manufacturer also makes it easier to:

  • Reach out to support for help with troubleshooting issues
  • Invoke a warranty if the chair has an issue
  • Secure the best prices

Final Thought

Zero gravity chairs offer intense massages with the benefit of being weightless. When removing weight from the equation, you can alleviate pressure on the joints, reduce swelling and even improve circulation.

If you want to maximize the benefits of a massage chair, opting for a zero gravity recliner chair can help you get the most out of your massage session.

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