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Touching Testimonial: I've Owned Human Touch Massage Chairs for 30 Years, and They've Saved My Life

I’ve owned 3 Human Touch massage chairs over the past 30 years, and I believe that these chairs have saved my life.

I’ve worked as a contractor for my entire life, which has led me to a variety of back problems. In the early 1980’s I was diagnosed with Asbestosis, which is a lung disease that results from the inhalation of asbestos particles. In 1982 I had surgery to remove one of my lungs. This surgery left me with only 60% usage of my other lung because of the growing scar tissue over the asbestos, which means that I have a limited oxygen flow throughout my body. My doctors gave me 2-4 years to live.

After visiting the chiropractor for years, and finding comfort in both the adjustments as well as the accompanying massage therapy, my wife and I decided to purchase a massage chair for our home. We wanted something that would not only be physically effective, but also would look good in our family room. We did not want a big, bulky chair that would look like a spaceship!

We researched Human Touch and found that the reviews were really great, so we bought a chair from a local furniture store. In the mid-80’s, $5,000 was a lot of money to spend on a chair. People thought we were crazy for spending that kind of money, but once we compared what we COULD have spent on chiropractic massage care and related medical costs, we knew it was worth the investment.

We had our first Human Touch massage chair for 20 years, during which it was used several times per day, before it finally gave out. We bought a new chair at Relax the Back, and had that until the very end of its warranty, which was when the airbags stopped working properly. Human Touch sent a technician out to our house, and we were told that they would take the chair back to headquarters to repair it. Within one week, they decided to just go ahead and replace the whole chair with a brand new (and improved model) massage chair. We were thrilled.

Recently, we reached out to Human Touch to see if we could get another massage chair replacement. After sending them an email, we received a call from their Operations Manager, Mr. Brian McAneny, who called on his way home from work. He invited us to come out to the headquarters the following day to try out some massage chairs, which I felt was very accommodating as it allowed us to experience and peruse the chairs that would meet my requirements. After trying out a few of their massage chairs, we decided to get the AcuTouch 9500x model, which is the updated version of the chair I’d been using for the past 20 years. My wife also really liked the Reflex6 Foot and Calf massager, and we purchased one of those as well. We were so grateful for all the time that Mr. McAneny gave to us during this whole experience.

I use my Human Touch massage chair 2-3 times per day, and it helps to ease the pain caused by the scar tissue in my back and rib cage. Since my diagnosis and surgery, I have been taking supplements and taking care of myself better by doing using my massage chair- and I believe that these actions have saved my life- enabling me to function at a much higher level and extend my life. Since my oxygen flow is limited, my blood flow is increasingly important as it distributes oxygen throughout my body. Using my massage chair increases my blood flow, and using the foot and calf massager in my massage chair has greatly improved the circulation in my calves and feet. My wife and I have shared this experience with our friends, as well as hospice nurses, over the years- and many of them have purchased their own massage chairs as a result of seeing how life-changing it has been for me.  We can’t thank you enough for everything that your massage chairs have done to improve our lives.

Thank you,

Ray Orlando

2020-02-28 20:03:01
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