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Touching Testimonial: My Novo Healing Ritual

"Let me tell you that I just LOVE our Novo massage chair!! I like to put on my noise-cancelling headphones, link in to something like a running brook or ocean waves, hop in the chair and "Calgon, take me away!" I'm out of here!

I took a misstep off a ladder almost 2 months ago now - thought there was one less rung than there was and managed to both knock my right hip up and out and mis-align a couple of vertebrae. The hip was popped back for me, but the vertebrae keep wanting to pop back out, and one is the S1, which then had been pressing on that nerve, causing walking issues. Just not fun. I have been going to the Dr. (an osteopath) regularly to get popped back, but the lower, sciatic vertebrae hasn't wanted to stay, so he's had me lying on a tennis ball to help loosen it up.

A few days ago the light finally went on that, hey!, there is a mode option on the chair that stretches the lower back. So, I've been doing an hour's worth of that each day, along with heat, and also lying on the ball. Today, after the chair time, as I was lying on the ball, I did a yogic stretch of one leg, and "click" the offending vertebrae went back into place!! Stunning! Thank whoever developed that "energize" series for the chair!

Thanks again for this wonderful product. I've recommended it to many friends!"

-Karin L.

2020-08-03 12:47:19
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