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How Massage Chairs Can Help Promote Better Sleep Quality

Are you trying to find ways to sleep better at night? It’s estimated that 10% of adults have some form of insomnia. Massage is one of the tips for better sleep that experts agree works. You don’t need to take sleeping pills or medication to feel well-rested in the morning.

Instead, all you need is a massage.

Before we go into how massage chairs can help you sleep better, let’s learn the root cause of insomnia and why it may be plaguing you.

Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia can be short- or long-term. Some people have restless nights worrying about work or family issues, causing them to struggle sleeping. Stress can compound and lead to severe sleep deprivation.

For some individuals, they fall into bad habits and routines, too. Perhaps you take naps during the day, or you tend to drink caffeine before bed. In this case, a change in your overall routine will help you sleep better, especially if you use a massage chair.

How Can Massage Chairs Help with Insomnia?

Relaxation is one of the best ways to sleep better, and that’s exactly what a massage chair is designed to do: help you relax. When you have tight muscles, aches and pains, a single program can help you relieve all of the tension you have.

One review found that self-reported sleep quality scores improve after massage therapy.

Massage is also known for:

  • Stimulating serotonin production
  • Relieving stress
  • Relaxing tight muscles
  • Easing pain
  • So much more

One of the most common tips for better sleep is to increase serotonin production. You can improve this production in a few ways, but one of the most natural methods is to receive a massage.

Massage will increase serotonin production and allow you to sleep better.

When the body produces serotonin, it will use it to produce melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is responsible for your sleep. The hormone is what causes your body to slow when you lay your head down on the pillow.

If you feel wide awake at night and notice yourself turning and tossing, an uptick in melatonin can cause you to finally nod off.

Let's not forget that if you have chronic aches and pains, massage can alleviate them, too. Many people stay awake at night because they experience discomfort. If you’re one of these individuals, try a massage and see if it helps. Many people agree that a massage is one of the ways to sleep better at night.

Expert Guide on How to Use Massage Chairs and Forget About Insomnia

Massage chairs help you receive a professional-level massage whenever you want. A major problem for people with insomnia is that they can’t get a professional massage daily. It's a major expense, and it’s not convenient to go to a massage parlor daily.

Massage chairs break these restrictions, allowing a person to:

  • Sit in the massage chair before bed every night
  • Save money by not going to a massage therapist
  • Choose from a variety of wellness programs

You want to find a massage chair that has numerous intensity settings.


It's often best to begin your journey into massage on the lowest setting. You don’t know if your muscles will be sore from an intense massage, so start on the lowest level the first day and then move it up daily until you find a comfortable setting.

Once you find the intensity that works best, feel free to adjust the type of massage.

Auto-wellness programs will make it easy to find an option that works for you. Instead of adjusting between manual settings, programs take all of the hard work out of your hands. If the chair has lumbar heat, put it on.

Lumbar heat will begin to relax tight muscles and promote sleep.

If you have aches, pains or general discomfort when you lay down at night, putting on the heat will help you relax faster. You can go in the chair daily and then try every other day to see if it helps you beat insomnia in the long term.

A few chairs to try from the Human Touch massage chairs collection include:

Quies Massage Chair

Quies Massage Chair

The Quies massage chair is a high-performance model with an L-track to work on your neck down to your glutes. Stress melts away thanks to the nine auto-wellness programs that will stretch your muscles, help you recover and perform a full-body massage. Relax back into zero gravity, put on the lumbar heat and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Click here to view the Quies Massage Chair.

Gravis ZG Chair

Gravis ZG Chair

The Human Touch perfect chair for offices and professional settings is the ZG chair. Sleek and well-built, the ZG provides a gentle massage that will help you sleep better at night. Open the app to control the chair, adjust multiple heat zones, adjust the backrest and footrest and more in just seconds.

Click here to view the Gravis ZG Chair.

Final Thought

When you’re struggling to get a good night of sleep, the tips for better sleep above will help you finally sleep well at night. Massage is one of the all-natural ways to sleep better that experts agree works for people of all ages.

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